I attended this evening the June Ethereum London Meetup at Imperial College (I have been there a couple of times before). Imperial College’s big amphitheater in Sir Alexander Fleming Building was full. Is it a consequence of Ether (ETH) becoming mainstream due to the recent important news coverage and its value skyrocketing? 9x higher since the last Meetup: from $40 in April to $370 mid-June. ETH/USD rates and those of other cryptocurrencies were not discussed during the whole meeting.

Speakers were focused on their visionary projects, and the lineup was quite impressive:

  • Dr Gavin Wood (former CTO and co-founder of the Ethereum Project, now co-founder and director of Parity Technologies) presenting Polkadot, the Internet of blockchains (cf. technical paper).
  • Christoph Jentzsch and Dr Mervyn Maistry presenting the Charity DAO which is an awesome project to give more directly where the help is really needed and avoid feeding inefficient if not useless intermediaries.
  • The co-founders of Aventus presented their project: a blockchain-based event ticketing solution to avoid touting and fraud.