Complex Networks 2022, Palermo, Italy

Getting ready for Complex Networks 2022 in Palermo, Italy

13:30-16:00 Session Tutorial 1: Michele COSCIA - Node Vector Distances: Methods and Applications

16:30-19:00 Session Tutorial 2: Adriana IAMNITCHI - Modelling Information Diffusion in Social Media: Data-Driven Observations

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9:00-9:40 Session Speaker S1: Luís A. NUNES AMARAL - Northwestern University, USA - An opinionated evaluation of where we are after a quarter century of complex networks

9:50 N. Gizem Bacaksizlar Turbic, Melih Can Yardı, Özgem Elif Acar, Oğuz Gürerk, Ali Hürriyetoğlu, Tolga Etgü and Erdem Yörük - Social Networks in Times of Turkey’s Currency Crisis

9:55 Franco Bagnoli and Guido de Bonfioli Cavalcabo - A simple model of knowledge scaffolding

10:00 M. Diaoulé Diallo and Tobias Hecking - Gradual Network Sparsification and Georeferencing for Location-Aware Event Detection in Microblogging Services

10:10 Agusti Canals, Josep Cobarsí-Morales and Eva Ortoll - Effects of online social capital on academic performance

10:15 Gabriela Contreras, Ruth Mateos de Cabo and Ricardo Gimeno - Executive women’s networks: the affinity rule of social capital

Poster 10:40 Jun Wei Su and Peter Marbach - Structure of Core-Periphery Communities

Poster 10:40 Andras Farago - Analysis of Perturbed Networks

Poster 10:40 Eduardo Jacobo-Villegas, Bibiana Obregón-Quintana and Lev Guzmán-Vargas - N-actors conflict model on scale-free networks

Poster 10:40 Masaki Chujyo and Yukio Hayashi - Optimal network robustness in continuously changing degree distributions

Poster 10:40 Hawraa Zein, Ali Yassin,Stephany Rajeh,Ali Jaber and Hocine Cherifi - Analyzing Community-aware Centrality Measures Using The Independent Cascade Model

Poster 10:40 Olexandr Polishchuk - Structural Cores and Problems of Vulnerability of Partially Overlapped Multilayer Networks

Poster 10:40 Tanu Raghav and Sarika Jalan - Random Matrix Analysis of Multiplex Networks

11:30 Fumiko Ogushi - Comparison of metrics for measuring the editor scatteredness and article complexity on Wikipedia

11:45 Marilena Hohmann and Michele Coscia - Estimating Affective Polarization on a Social Network

11:15-13:00 Session Oral O1B: Machine Learning Networks

11:15 Bianka Kovács and Gergely Palla - Model-independent hyperbolic embedding of directed networks

11:30 Shu Liu, Fujio Toriumi, Xin Zeng, Mao Nishiguchi and Kenta Nakai - SignedS2V: structural embedding method for signed networks

11:45 Nikolaos Nakis, Abdulkadir Çelikkanat and Morten Mørup - HM-LDM: A Hybrid-Membership Latent Distance Model

12:00 Eoghan Cunningham and Derek Greene - The Structure of Interdisciplinary Science: Uncovering and Explaining Roles in Citation Graphs

12:15 Shinya Ueno and Osamu Sakai - Detection of Sparsity in Multidimensional Data Using Network Degree Distribution and Improved Supervised Learning with Correction of Data Weighting

12:45 Fabian Stephany, Ole Teutloff, Georg von Richthofen and Hendrik Send - The Price of a Skill: Why the Value of a Skill Depends on its “Neighbours”

11:30 Leonardo Ferreira - From time series to networks in R with the ts2net package

11:45 Timothy LaRock, Mengqiao Xu and Tina Eliassi-Rad - A Path-Based Approach to Analyzing the Global Liner Shipping Network

12:00 Andrea Diaz, Stephane Tchung-Ming, Ana Diaz Vazquez, Nicoleta Anca Matei, Florian Fosse and Esperanza Moreno Cruz - Understanding sectoral integration in energy systems through complex network analysis

12:15 Guillermo Romero Moreno, Valerio Restocchi and Jacques Fleuriot - Building co-morbidity networks via Bayesian network reconstruction

14:30 Isabelle Beaudry, Marcelo Mendoza, Naim Bro, Fabian Sepúlveda and Hernán Sarmiento - Distance Dependent Bayesian Community Detection

14:45 Konstantinos Christopoulos, Georgia Baltsou and Konstantinos Tsichlas - Dynamic Local Community Detection with Anchors

15:00 Bartosz Pankratz, Bogumił Kamiński and Paweł Prałat - Community Detection Supported by Node Embeddings (Searching For a Suitable Method)

15:15 Sameh Othman, Johannes Schulz, Marco Baity-Jesi and Caterina De Bacco - Modeling Node Exposure for Community Detection in Networks

15:30 Omar Fernández Robledo, Matthijs Klepper, Edgar van Boven and Huijuan Wang - Community Detection for Temporal Weighted Bipartite Networks

Poster 16:00 Gustavo R. Pilatti, Flavio L. Pinheiro and Alessandra Montini - Gig economy and social network analysis: topology of inferred network

Poster 16:00 Matteo Milazzo, Federico Musciotto, Salvatore Miccichè and Rosario Nunzio Mantegna - Analysis of the Structure and Dynamics of European Flight Networks

Poster 16:00 Yaniv Proselkov, Manuel Herrera, Marco Perez Hernandez, Ajith Kumar Parlikad and Alexandra Brintrup - The valuation of information by dynamic decentralised criticality measures in complex data flow networks

16:00 Kurt Maxwell Kusterer and Sylvain Mignot - Discovering viewer preference on YouTube through commentators networks

16:00 Conrad Borchers and Fabian Braesemann - Correlation Networks measure Technology Evolution on Stack Overflow

16:00 Fabian Baumann, Agnieszka Czaplicka and Iyad Rahwan - The impact of diversity on group performance

16:35-17:15 Session Speaker S2: Giulia IORI City, University of London, UK - Information diffusion in trading networks

17:15 Christos Charalambous, Agnieszka Czaplicka, Raul Toral and Maxi San Miguel - The Biased-Voter model: How persuasive a small group can be?

17:30 Vladimir Boginski, Alexander Semenov, Alexander Veremyev and Eduardo Pasiliao - Double-Threshold Models for Network Influence Propagation

18:15 Li Zou, An Wang and Huijuan Wang - Memory Based Temporal Network Prediction

18:30 Noro Marcoux, Pedro G Lind, Johannes Langguth, Andreas Huber and Daniel Thilo Schroeder - Understanding the Evolution of Reddit in Temporal Networks induced by User Activity

17:15 Hanin Alhaddad, Seyyedmilad Talebzadehhosseini and Ivan Garibay - Green Sector Space: The evolution and capabilities spillover of economic green sectors in the United States

17:45 Vu Phuong Hoang, Carlo Piccardi and Lucia Tajoli - A network analysis of world trade structural changes (1996-2019)

18:00 Sylvain Mignot and Annick Vignes - Network structures of a centralised and a decentralized market. A direct comparison

18:15 Francesco De Nicolò, Alfonso Monaco, Giuseppe Ambrosio, Loredana Bellantuono, Roberto Cilli, Angela Lombardi, Ester Pantaleo, Sabina Tangaro, Flaviano Zandonai, Nicola Amoroso and Roberto Bellotti - Territorial Development as an innovation driver: a complex network approach

18:45 Célestin Coquidé, José Lages, Leonardo Ermann and Dima L Shepelyansky - COVID-19 impact on international trade

19:00 Hiroki Sayama and Junichi Yamanoi - Network Topologies of Corporate Organization Charts and Their Correlation with Corporate Performance

17:30 Matteo Loporchio, Anna Bernasconi, Damiano Di Francesco Maesa and Laura Ricci - An analysis of Bitcoin dust through authenticated queries

19:00 Alessandro Albano, Mariangela Sciandra and Antonella Plaia - Exploring topics in LDA models through Statistically Validated Networks: directed and undirected approaches

9:00-9:40 Session Speaker S3: Shlomo HAVLIN Bar-Ilan University, Israel - Network Science and Applications

09:55 Alessia Galdeman, Maria Pia Chiatante, Matteo Zignani and Sabrina Gaito - Disentangling the Growth of Web3 Blockchain-based Networks by Graph Evolution Rules

10:00 Giulio Tirabassi and Cristina Masoller - In temporal networks correlation lags are informative of approaching bifurcations

10:05 Alberto Ceria and Huijuan Wang - Topological-temporal properties of evolving high order networks

10:15 Dmitriy Prusskiy, Anton Kovantsev and Petr Chunaev - Dynamic transition graph for estimating the predictability of financial and economical processes

10:20 Stephany Rajeh and Hocine Cherifi - A community-aware ranking scheme to identify influential nodes in complex networks

10:25 Victor Boussange, Pau Vilimelis Aceituno and Loïc Pellissier - Blending Machine Learning and mechanistic models to learn ecological time series

12:00 Emmanouil Krasanakis, Symeon Papadopoulos and Ioannis Kompatsiaris - AutoGF: Runtime Graph Filter Tuning for Community Node Ranking

12:15 Michael Schaub, Jiaze Li and Leto Peel - Hierarchical communities in complex networks

12:30 Carla Galluccio, Matteo Magnani, Davide Vega, Giancarlo Ragozini and Alessandra Petrucci - Robustness and sensitivity of network-based topic detection

12:15 Ana Vranić, Jelena Smiljanić and Marija Mitrović Dankulov - Universal growth of social groups

14:45 Lucia Cavallaro, Pasquale De Meo, Keyvan Golalipour, Xiaoyang Liu, Giacomo Fiumara, Andrea Tagarelli and Antonio Liotta - Analysis on the effects of graph perturbations on centrality metrics

15:00 Rouzbeh Hasheminezhad and Ulrik Brandes - Robustness of Preferential-Attachment Graphs: Shifting the Baseline

15:45 William Schueller, Christian Diem, Melanie Hinterplattner, Johannes Stangl, Beate Conrady, Markus Gerschberger and Stefan Thurner - Propagation of disruptions in supply networks of essential goods: A population-centered perspective of systemic risk

14:30 Tamás Sebestyén and Emese Braun - Which sparrows are making a summer? The role of conformism and network structure in shaping cooperative behavior

Poster 16:00 Mayank Kejriwal and Yuesheng Luo - On the Empirical Association between Trade Network Complexity and Global Gross Domestic Product

Poster 16:00 Dawei Wang, Chunxiu Liu and Lizhi Xing - Measuring the Importance of Industrial Sectors based on Biased Random Walk Algorithm: Industrially Economic Impact of Trump Administration’s Trade Policy toward China

Poster 16:00 Jing Zhang - The way to webify the financial system in China–from individual credit reporting

Poster 16:00 Pierre Miasnikof, Alexander Y. Shestopaloff, Cristián Bravo and Yuri Lawryshyn - Statistical network similarity

Poster 16:00 András London and András Pluhár - Intersection of random spanning trees in small-world networks

Poster 16:00 Emanuel Dopater and Milos Kudelka - Node Classification Based on Non-symmetric Dependencies and Graph Neural Networks

Poster 16:00 Jakub Plesnik, Kristyna Kubikova and Milos Kudelka - Delta density: comparison of different sized networks irrespective of their size

Poster 16:00 Miri Adler and Ruslan Medzhitov - Detecting network hyper-motifs in real networks and their emergent properties

Poster 18:30 Joel Nilsson, Alberto Zenere and Claudio Altafini - Assessing the Role of Influencers in Tweet Propagation

17:15 Konstantin Avrachenkov, Maximilien Dreveton and Lasse Leskelä - Community recovery from temporal and real-valued network data

18:00 Davide Stocco and Francesca Grassetti - Shedding a light on the ESG risk factor: a multiplex approach

18:15 Giorgio Fagiolo and Davide Samuele Luzzati - Centrality in the Macroeconomic Multi-Network Explains the Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Country Per-Capita Income

18:30 Guillaume Guex, Romain Loup and François Bavaud - Estimation of flow trajectories in a multi-lines network

18:45 Corentin Larroche - Multilayer Block Models for Exploratory Analysis of Computer Event Logs

19:00 Eszter Bokanyi, Eelke Heemskerk, Yuliia Kazmina and Frank Takes - Excess closure in a multilayer population-scale social network